SUP Yoga

I challenge you to expand the limits of body, mind and breath; to walk your edge and literally dabble your toes into the unknown. Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding in itself is a full body workout, activating every muscle in the body so that deep strengthening and deep relaxation can occur.  SUP Yoga class starts off with a short paddle in the Little Bay.  We then drop anchor and start our yoga practice. Class is tailored to the students, ranging from light stretching to core strengthening and inversions! You have never experienced Savasana until you do it on the water… the gentle rocking of the waves, the beauty of the sky, and relaxing bird sounds take your meditation to another level!. SUP Yoga is appropriate for all levels of  practice, kids love it, and it is a unique activity for your Group!!


Yoga class lasts about 60-75 minutes. Full time for warm-up paddle and class is about 2 hours (weather permitting the warm up paddle).  SUP Board Rental is included in the class price of $30.  A quick SUP Instruction is included with class.   Classes are generally held in the Little Bay, but can also happen in the Rockport swimming pool or your own private pool or canal.  A minimum of 3 students is required.  A private SUP Yoga session is $90 for 1 or 2 people. Stay updated on information about classes by checking my Facebook, Calendar or Contact Me to be added to a text message list. Weather permitting, any cancellations will be communicated to the students and classes refunded and/or rescheduled.

SUP Yoga

— FAQ —

Do I have to stand up?

No, you can paddle while seated or kneeling and the entire class can be done without standing up!

What do I wear?

You can wear your bathing suit if you like; make sure the top is secure! A surfing top, bandeau or sports bra type of top works best. You may wear shorts if you prefer. You could even wear a T shirt, just make sure it will stay on when it’s wet and we do Downward Facing Dog!!

Will I get wet?

Yes! Although during the winter months, class will be toned down to avoid getting TOO wet. Secure all water bottles, hats and sunglasses; be prepared to fall in!

Can I bring my own SUP?

Yes!  You can join class for $15.  Please have your own lifejacket or PFD, and something to anchor your craft with.  Your anchor should weigh at least 10lbs.  If you want to use my lifejacket and anchor, you can join for $20.

What If I Have Never Done Yoga or SUP?

Then you are the true spirit of yoga, accepting an adventure for what it is! SUP Yoga is doable for all ages and levels of practice.

What should I bring?

Wear sunglasses, a hat, any sun protection that you’d like, water, a dry bag for your phone or camera, or a waterproof camera.  Items can be semi secured to your board.  Please don’t bring anything that you can’t bear to lose!  Bugs are generally not a problem on the water.  If you know you are delicious to bugs, spray down!  If you wear glasses/ sunglasses that you are attached to, please purchase a floating attachment.   Be prepared for hot sun, wind, and the occasional jellyfish!