SUP Lessons

Never paddled before?  Welp we need to fix that!!  Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding is a full body workout, activating every muscle in the body so that deep strengthening and deep relaxation can occur.  Feeling the water under your feet is an experience that I cannot describe to you in words!!  Contact Me to set up a one on one or group SUP lesson.  I will provide all equipment, explain the equipment, cover safety aspects, the basics of paddling, and supervise your practice.  The lesson lasts about 1 hour.  $90 for a private lesson of 1 or 2 people, $30 per person for a group of 3+ people.  Lessons generally happen in the Little Bay.  I also have access to kayaks, so if you’d prefer to paddle a kayak instead, or have a mix of SUPs and kayaks, let me know!!

Wear your bathing suit, swim trunks, shorts and a t shirt, or any comfortable clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting wet!  Footwear is not required to paddle, you may wear it if you prefer.  Bring sunglasses, a hat, any sun protection that you’d like, water, a dry bag for your phone or camera, or a waterproof camera.  Items can be semi secured to your board.  Please don’t bring anything that you can’t bear to lose!  Bugs are generally not a problem on the water.  If you know you are delicious to bugs, spray down!  If you wear glasses, or have a pair of sunglasses that you are attached to, please purchase a floating attachment.   Be prepared for hot sun, wind, and the occasional jellyfish!

sup lessons