What would you do if you had your own boat, but didn’t have to mess with actually owning the boat? This bay is ripe for adventures!

You can customize your trip for an incredible experience! Experience the beauty of our local wildlife including dolphins, gators and lots of different birds.

Pawn the kids off on me; I can take them on a fun, educational adventure complete with supervision by certified teachers.

There are islands to visit, relaxing sunset cruises, SUP adventures, shelling, massage aboard, shark tooth/fossil hunting with a guide (you’re guaranteed to find teeth!), swimming and floating in the shade under the boat, meditation on the water, island yoga or bicycling, explore shellcrete ruins, … the possibilities are endless!

I can take a maximum 6 people! I can combine groups to make the maximum of 6, making a cheaper trip for everyone.

Short Cruise of 1-2 hrs:


½ Day Cruise of 3-4 hrs:


Full Day is available, 6 hrs


**Addition of equipment like a concierge cooler, SUPs, bicycles, floaties, shark tooth guide, teachers, massage therapists, etc will need to be negotiated.**

**$100 extra for Saturday booking**

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