Class Attendance:

Classes posted on the schedule will require that a minimum number of people promise to attend (RSVP), in order for the class to be held. If the minimum number of RSVPs is not met, the class will not be held. I generally request RSVPs the day before the class is supposed to occur, by texting the message list and posting on social medias.

***If I do not get minimum RSVPs by 8pm the day before, the class will not be held***

You can RSVP by text, social media comment, social media private message, or email from this website. If you tell me by mouth, I’m probably gonna forget so please do it in writing. That way, I can find it later when I’m adding up the RSVPs. Ha Ha!!

If you RSVP for a SUP class and do not attend, you will be asked to pay for the trip. I will have already taken time to prepare for the number of people that said they were going to attend.

If you RSVP for Yoga and do not attend, it would be cool if you tipped a bit, because you not being there may bring the class below the RSVP minimum and throw off the average take for class. Classes are donation, so I would leave it to your discretion.

Inclement Weather:

Outdoor classes will generally not be held if:

– the temperature is below 60 degrees. Beach Yoga goes Indoors.

– the wind is above 30MPH from the S, SSE, E or NE. We can do yoga OK on a North wind because the pavilion blocks the majority of the North wind. Beach Yoga will go indoors, SUP will be canceled

– Cold Rain or Heavy Rain. 80 degrees and sprinkles rain yoga is amazing and will not be canceled. Severe weather type of rain with hail, flooding, strong winds, etc will be canceled.

– Bay inundated with fresh flood waters. SUP/SUP Yoga will be canceled because the bacteria count of the water will be really high. Classes will continue when the water returns to normal color. Floodwater is orange/coffee colored and super nasty. You do Not want to get in it, or get it in an open wound.