Mermaid Fitness

Let’s be mermaids – transform your usual water fitness routine!!  Mermaid Swim is open to all ages, you will learn to swim in the mermaid tail and be able to play around. A free form experiment with your mermaid tail.  Mermaid Fitness includes Pilates at the water’s edge, swimming in and under the water in the mermaid tail.  Bring a yoga mat and/or towel and goggles.  Mermaid Fitness will challenge your core like never before!  You must be able to swim.  Mermaid monofin and skin are provided with the cost of class.  Classes are held in Rockport and Aransas Pass pools.  You could have your own private mermaid party in your own pool as well!    $30 per person, minimum of 3 people.  $20 if you bring your own tail.

Mermaid SUP Yoga is a challenge that so far, nobody has taken!  Practice yoga as a mermaid in the Tail.  Even the easy postures are challenging as a mermaid!!  This is a unique chance to be living art.  $40 per person, minimum of 3 people.  $30 if you have your own tail.

mermaid fitness